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Kushner and the peace plan

Jared Kushner has been traveling throughout the Middle East in the last two years. He has been holding talks in several countries especially Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and, amazingly, Turkey. Most of the countries cited are Sunni monarchies that play a key role in the Trump / Kushner peace plan.

Jared Kushner relies on the willingness of some of those countries to invest billions of dollars in the Gaza Strip and the so-called West Bank (Jewish and Samaria). Infrastructure and hundreds of thousands of permanent and temporary jobs will be created. At the moment there is a “terrible knot” between Palestinians and Israelis and as long as Abbas is the leader of the so-called “Palestinian authority” there won’t be the prospect of agreement. There is a deadlock. Regardless of the political climate, the peace plan appears to be ready! The details are being kept in great secrecy, being discussed only among high officials and not even the media sources are getting much information. But there are some speculations. Some say diplomats are discussing the remaining few points. Apart from the heavy money from Sunni monarchies, sources say there are some major and controversial points in this scenario. The American proposal to create two states and even the withdrawal of Jews from area C (Judea, Samaria or “West Bank”). Areas A and B are now under full control of the so-called Palestinians. Other important points are the status of Jerusalem and the possible construction of the third temple. At the moment all of us “mere mortals” are living off speculation. The possibility of one state also exists, having the so-called Palestinians living in an autonomous region inside of Israel. The situation is volatile. The “Palestinian leadership” supports Hamas when it is conveniently politically. The latest round of aggression by Hamas against Israel was a reminder of that underlying principle. Abbas and his “officials”, are more concerned with power and control than the people on the so-called “disputed territories”. Their ultimate goal is to get rid of Israel. To achieve that, they don’t have to fight a war. They have Russia, China some Arab states and the whole United Nations on their side. However, things can change rapidly in the world of politics especially in that region. Abbas is 83 years old and he knows time is running out. Not only for him personally but for the cause of an Arab state in the promised land. The Jewish population continues growing and the Jewish communities continue to expand in “disputed territories”. If the “Palestinian leadership” continues to refuse to accept a peace plan, it will be likely too late for their cause in the near future. So it comes down to two different groups inside of their camp. Those who truly want to see people’s lives significantly improved versus those whose only goal is to get rid of the State of Israel. The “Israel-Palestinian” issue today has an expiration date due to the demographical growth in both populations. In one or two decades the “two states solution” will no longer be possible. Something will have to be done soon. Is Kushner succeeds with the peace plan, we will know that the fulfillment of many biblical prophecies is closer than any other time. There is something biblical going on …! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

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