The Brazilians are coming !

Brazilian aliyah surged since 2015 and Israel has now the first Brazilian channel to broadcast their contents from the land of Israel. Record TV opened today June 3rd, 2019. The premiere was launched in a ceremony in Tel Aviv led by a Brazilian model and TV host. The content of the channel includes entertainment, series, documentaries, the famous Brazilian soap operas and sports events. The station will be close to the Portuguese speaking communities which have been growing significantly in the last 4 years. According to the Jewish Federation, Brazilian Aliyah has increased 65% since 2016.

During 2017, an all-time annual record of 700 Brazilians immigrated to Israel. That made the South American country the sixth-largest source of new immigrants to the Jewish state, after Russia, Ukraine, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Ra’anana has quickly become the primary destination among the Brazilians since the immigration started to pick up on 2015. Some 220 Brazilian families reside in this town of approximately 80,000 people, and it is now the the first choice among the 1,800 Brazilians who have started the aliyah process with the Jewish Agency for Israel, an organization that assists the Israeli government with immigration and absorption. Today is common to hear Portuguese in several places including schoolyards, markets or synagogues.

Brazil has been increasing its political connection with Israel since Jair Bolsonaro became president. All these developments may lead some to believe that the Brazil-Israel connection is a new phenomenon but that is not accurate.

Many people don’t know Brazil’s significant Jewish inheritance. The history of the Jews in Brazil is a rather long and complex one and deserve a separate post. For now, Brazilians can celebrate their bicultural heritage while living in the Holy Land.

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