The month of June and its potential prophetic developments

This month of June 2019 has some important and interesting political developments that may be relevant from the biblical and prophetic perspective.

For the first time a trilateral meeting between national security advisers from Israel, US and Russia will take place. The meeting will be happening from June 24 to June 26. At the same time, the US-sponsored economic workshop in Bahrain is schedule to take place on those days.

This is an unprecedented trilateral meeting to discuss “regional security issues”. Some sources state that the US will try to get Russia on board in challenging Iran’s presence on Syria. If the Russians cooperate, they will see the US letting them to take control of Syria. Russia is a wild card on the region and the Russian’s interests are strictly related to oil resources and infra-structure business contracts in Syria.

For Israel the meeting is very important. Any agreement between the US and Russia will have a tremendous impact over future developments regarding the Iran’s presence on the region, the negotiations with the so called Palestinians and the political future and borders of Israel.

Iran is under severe economic pressure and the Ayatollahs are starting to get desperate. Most of the secular media do not understand what Iran is capable of. The Shiites sincerely believe they are the ones to fulfill God’s will for the Middle East and the world. The Shiite theology indicates that the 12th Imam will only show up when the world it is in chaos. This is serious matter. If Iran get its hands on a nuclear bomb they will use against Israel. There is no doubt in my mind the Iranian regime would do that. After all, the Iranians believe they are the heroes in fighting and ultimately destroying Israel and the West powers.

This kind of analysis it is rare out there in the media. Secular liberals believe all this “religious stuff” is “silly”. After all, they think, “it is all the same God but with different beliefs, habits and traditions. If they have some reason in their minds ,they will compromise here and there”. This theological ignorance and dangerous view is prevalent out there. Many even deny the intrinsic existence of evil or the importance of religion.

June has the potential to trigger some developments that may be very important for the future fulfillment of prophecies. The financial workshop in Bahrain and the trilateral meeting in Jerusalem may be the first step for important prophetic developments which would include the following topics: the future borders of Israel, the sovereignty of the Temple Mount, the future state of the so-called Palestinians, the presence of Iran in Syria. With Abba’s usual behavior, we also may see the onset of two political factions within the “Palestinian authority”. One faction embracing the billions of dollars. accepting an autonomous region or a demilitarized state, or even giving up the idea of a state completely. The other faction with a more straight forward goal: destroy Israel and take over the entire land.

Let’s wait and see….Shalom

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