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Similarities between Brazilian socialists and the “Palestinian authority”.

For 30 years Brazil had the so-called progressives in power. In the last 16 years, the country had the radical left calling all the shots in government. What do we see now in 2019? Brazil’s economy hit rock bottom. The corruption of the socialists and communists in general severely corroded the Brazilian economy and the entire political system. The propaganda machine and the lies of the so-called progressives deceived millions of illiterate and indoctrinated people. The election of a right-leaning government after these decades is practically a miracle, especially for a candidate without media organizations behind or money available. But the new Brazilian government is not the topic of this post.

The amount of money stolen by the worker’s party and its socialist allies is likely the biggest in history. The heritage of the commies were the highest crime rate in the history of the country, embarrassing education numbers, infrastructure collapsing, increase of poverty and the almost institutionalization of the corruption. Brazil’s taxpayer money financed infrastructure not for Brazilians but for socialist dictatorships overseas. Nine socialist countries got the Brazilians hard earned money: Angola, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabao. The communists built ports, airports, roads, used in handouts to bribe their population or simply pocketed out. After these decades of socialist lunatics, they almost accomplished the unimaginable. Transform Brazil into Venezuela. They almost did it !! It is impossible to cover this post what they have done in Brazil but that is not the goal here anyway.

I just wanted to point out the main similarities between the worker’s party in Brazil and the so-called “Palestinian authority” in Judea, Samaria and in Gaza. Despite being so far apart geographically, so culturally different and with entirely different political objectives, some similarities are glaring. First, the propaganda machine both groups have. They count on local and global powerful media organizations. Their lies have a great scope, shaping opinions from the indigenous in Amazon to the Palestinian boy reaching the United Nations. The manipulation of a mass of people with a very low educational level combined with handouts maintains those criminals in power. Both worker’s party and Palestinian authority are groups of politicians without scruples and they believe the end justifies the means. Both groups keep their final goal undisclosed because they would lose much support if they did. One is to establish a socialist network of dictatorships in South America while the other is to erase Israel off the map. They hide behind the generosity of many and the sensitivity of many others who care about those who are suffering.

Finally, both groups are almost immune to the results of their actions. That is because their philosophy of being self-righteous does not allow them to acknowledge any mistake. After all, they are the good guys politically correct. Anyone who dares to challenge or disagree with them is considered “part of this capitalist and colonialist bourgeois system”. This kind of belief system is exactly like the same as any fanatical religious sect. It is basically impossible to someone be part of either group and think critically or independently. Facts do not matter in both cases. This is what we are dealing with.

We should not be discouraged even knowing things around the world is not getting better, is getting worse. According to the Bible, the whole world lies under the power of the evil one (1 John 5:19). It is our call to resist and occupy as long as we live on this earth. Our call is to resist evil and preach the gospel of salvation through Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Amém.

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