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American Brazilian community supporting Israel

For thirty years Brazil was dominated by leftists and radical socialists in the last twenty years. The Brazilian left like any other country was largely made by anti-Israel intellectuals, academics and political activists for Arab countries.

But throughout the years the evangelical population grew significantly and the ideas about Israel were quite different than those spread out by socialists. Evangelicals in Brazil grew from 6.6 percent in 1980 to 22.2 percent in 2010, according to the 2010 census. Today is estimated that 27 percent of Brazilians are evangelicals.

Like their U.S. cousins, Brazil’s evangelicals have become a political force to be reckoned with. The evangelical caucus in Brazil’s congress is among the largest with 200 members. The evangelical segment was important for Jair Bolsonaro be elected last year.

The Christian Brazilian community in the East Coast of America is relatively small but growing in numbers and very supportive of Israel. Brazilian pastors in the US are also forging ties with influential pro-Israel groups such as the Committee for Accuracy in the Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), one of the oldest educational pro-Israel organizations in the United States.

Brazilians organizations such as the Brazilian Ministers Network, the Pastors and Leaders Fraternal Alliance, and the Brazilian Evangelical Pastors Association of the USA, are working to strengthen the new bonds between American and Brazilian evangelicals.

CAMERA is holding the second annual Plans are already in the works for educational seminars to be held in many Brazilian churches in the fall 2019 and beyond. The organizers and pastors involved believe the educational conferences are vital as the Zionist movement is still young among Brazilians.

The work some pastors are doing is praiseworthy! I am glad to see the Brazilian Christian leaders on these communities are also concerned to educate Brazilians about Israel and fight anti-Israel propaganda that manifests itself in the American and Brazilian media.

Leaders who are biblical committed they are natural supporters of Israel. Biblical Christianity understands the importance of Israel and the Jewish people. I’m glad Brazil has shifted to a pro-Israel direction. After a “long winter” the Brazilian spring has arrived.

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  1. É verdade Gui. Nós cristãos que amamos nossos irmãos judeus, damos graças a Deus por isso! Afinal, no futuro, estaremos todos juntos: um só rebanho e um só Pastor! Shalom!

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