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The LGBT movement and Yeshua disciples

In 2009 the LGBT activists were arguing that the “same-sex marriage” would be only about love and wouldn’t affect anybody. Things haven’t turned out that way. Ten years ago the propaganda’s message was something like “why do you bother with something that has nothing to do with you?”

Today the LGBT propaganda is everywhere. It is not only about “pride months”. You can’t simply open a website or walk down the street without having thrown some kind of propaganda on your face. Even if you go to some stores to buy some cleaning supplies or a coffee mug you are faced with the same propaganda. Rainbow flags are supposed to be everywhere in schools, libraries, city and state legislatures. Who cares if the buildings are public or parents still exist? the same flag raised on US embassies?

Disney is one of many companies promoting “pride” with its “Rainbow” collection. A true indoctrination of children. Committed Christians must re-evaluate their relationship with Disney’s products.

Many schools are quietly inserting LGBT teaching into their curriculum, including indoctrinating students in the anti-scientific and profoundly dangerous “transgender” ideology. Predictably, the result has been a dismaying and stratospheric increase in gender dysphoria among school-age children. And then there’s the truly, truly bizarre obsession of the LGBT movement and their “allies” in the media with drag queens – most disturbingly of all “pre-teen drag queens”. “Drag queen story hours” with a convicted sex offender right next to you.

How did we get here ?

Because the church is silent! in the past, the Church used to be easily defined but not today. Many groups call themselves church but they don’t see Scriptures as the spiritual highest authority. Neither the Torah, the Tanakh or the New Testament. However, this is not the topic here. The church today no longer is the conscious of the Nation. Let’s take for example a Christian who is invited by his or her gay friend. Some would contend that a Christian should have no qualms about attending a gay wedding and that one’s presence at a gay wedding does not necessarily indicate support for the homosexual lifestyle. Rather, they view it as “extending Christ’s love toward a friend”. The thought is that one’s presence at a wedding ceremony is an act of love and friendship toward the person—not toward the lifestyle or spiritual choices.

The problem is that a gay wedding is a celebration of two people who are living a lifestyle that God declares to be immoral and unnatural (Romans 1:26-27). “Marriage should be honored by all” (Hebrews 13:4) but a gay wedding dishonors marriage by perverting its meaning. A marriage between a non-Christian man and a non-Christian woman is still a marriage in God’s eyes. It is still a fulfillment of the “one flesh” relationship that God intends (Genesis 2:24). Even a marriage between a believer and an unbeliever is a valid marriage (1 Corinthians 7:14), even though God commands believers to avoid such marriages (2 Corinthians 6:14).

But of course, the Word of G’d is no longer honored by many in the Church, let alone in the secular culture. What is it that those who were set free of the LGBT lifestyle are persecuted? there are parades called “freedom”. Marches of men and women who were in bondage in that lifestyle and now are completely free. Why they are so viciously attacked and threatened by activists and completed ignored by the media? by the way, have you heard of those parades?

Meanwhile, drag queen performances – a phenomenon that was once confined to seedy gay bars – is now being mainstreamed as just another form of entertainment. Another instrument to further desensitize the public to the sexually bizarre and perverse, including the antiscientific view and highly problematic notion of “gender fluidity.”

In many ways, 2019 has also been the year in which the naked intolerance of the LGBT movement has been exposed. In many cases, however, it has been the LGBT organizations themselves who have exposed their extremism, for the simple reason that they no longer see any reason to hide it. In the past decade, they have achieved more than they ever dreamed possible, and they are determined to ride this momentum as far as they possibly can.

Tech giants, well-heeled LGBT organizations, politicians, “philanthropists” and entertainers have openly committed themselves to curtail, expunging, and vilifying even the mildest expressions of dissent from the LGBT ideology. Among countless recent examples: Facebook just banned a Facebook group for moms opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour. (Amazingly, something that would have been literally unthinkable to most people even just a couple years ago, is now something you cannot speak out against without risking being made a social pariah!). Amazon – where (as one article recently pointed out) you can easily buy Hitler’s Mein Kampf and books celebrating pedophilia – has just removed a number of books designed to help people leave the homosexual lifestyle.

Like the days of Noah….

Sadly, even within the Church, we are seeing signs that LGBT ideologues have grown in brazenness in recent months and years. During “Pride Month” last month, we saw photos of priests openly celebrating so-called “pride masses,” replete with rainbow flags, and homilies full of nudges and winks to the sexual libertinism that the Pride movement so openly celebrates. One priest even celebrated such a Mass on an altar covered with a rainbow altar cloth in the Stonewall Inn, a former gay bar where riots took place in 1969 – an event that many people view as the beginning of the modern-day “gay rights” movement. These sacrilegious events typically happen without any repercussions from the Church hierarchy, while bishops and priests who dare to issue even mildly worded warnings about the spiritual dangers of Pride are publicly shamed or even corrected by their superiors.

At CNN’s “equality town hall” focused on LGBT issues and co-hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was asked by CNN’s Don Lemon if he thought “religious institutions like colleges, churches, charities, should they lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage?””Yes,” O’Rourke replied, adding that “there can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.”

Does that still come as surprise to anyone?

Think about what Beto said. What he is defending is the elimination of Christians. Beto “will not tolerate”. He sounds like Stalin, Hitler or Mao Tse Tung. But he is not alone. The left thinks like him. Remember Hillary? “we have to change beliefs long seated in” (when she was defending killing babies). What Beto is saying is unconstitutional and a dangerous precedent. If the left has its way, the US will end freedom and start a new era of a tyrant government with absolute power and zero tolerance for religion (well, that religion they don’t like).

Many Pastors, Rabbis, priests, and spiritual leaders refuse to address the issue in their churches. They are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. Such anti-biblical behavior and cowardice are also accompanied by those who actually give in and are sold out. The latter ones never believed that the Bible is the Word of G’d and that behavior is not a surprise. But those in silence, who still lead a congregation that regards the Scriptures as its only spiritual authority, are sinning with their negligence.

Meanwhile, brutal pieces of legislation are been voted. Franklin Graham warned about some laws been considered to become law around the country. Graham said: “Christians would lose all protections to hire people who adhere to their biblical statements of faith. Christians will be persecuted for their sincerely held beliefs as never before. The clear teachings of the Bible on the sins of homosexuality and abortion will no doubt be considered ‘hate speech.’ It will be a nightmare from which this nation may never recover.”

A Yeshua (Jesus)’s disciples are to love all including those who struggle with sexual perversion. We are not better than them. But we know many who were set free or was given the power from above to abstain from sexual relationships that dishonor G’d. They loved G’d more than themselves. More than their physical pleasure. Only those who are new creatures based on the new birth spoken by Jesus can do such a thing. Like those marching in Washington and in other cities in the FREEDOM MARCH.

The LGBT movement will not stop until they reach its ultimate goal: to silence the church. To silence the remnant. If the trend of current events continues, brutal persecution of believers in Yeshua (Jesus) will be a reality in the USA. We know the end of the days will be like the days of Noah and what is going on doesn’t come as a surprise for those who know the Scriptures and are paying attention. However, we should resist and shine the light whenever we go, speaking Truth in love.


  1. A tradução não fica das melhores, mas o contexto da pra entender.
    Estamos assistindo à uma epidemia das letrinhas se levantando e com força e apoio total. Digo epidemia pq covardemente querem contagiar crianças.
    Sinceramente Guilherme, não me assusta e não me surpreende. Pq sabemos que seria assim. Qto mais letrinhas e bizarrices por aí, mais próxima é a nossa redenção.

  2. O mesmo aconteceu nos dias de Ló: comiam, bebiam, compravam, vendiam, plantavam e edificavam; mas, no dia em que Ló saiu de Sodoma, choveu do céu fogo e enxofre e destruiu a todos. Assim será no dia em que o Filho do Homem se manifestar.
    Lc.17: 28-30
    O tempo se aproxima rapidamente! O que tem que acontecer acontecerá. Nada pode impedir que a palavra profética se cumpra!

  3. Não sei se eu estou perdida ou é o mundo q está “virado pelo avesso”. Acho q muitas pessoas já perderam a noção de absurdo; e quando se trata dessas ideologias é ainda pior, pois tudo isso é aceito e incentivado pela mídia. Os canais de TV aberta, têm se mobilizado à todo custo, com o objetivo de normalizar essas questões de gênero, homossexualismo e sexualização precoce, tendo como principal alvo crianças inocentes q ainda estão em formação. Isso chegou a tal ponto, q até mesmo em cidades pequenas como a minha, vemos assuntos como esse sendo tratados como algo simples, cotidiano, até mesmo por pessoas mais velhas, de outra geração e q tiveram uma educação moral muito mais rígida. Inclusive temos aqui, um caso de uma senhora com mais de 70 anos, com vários filhos adultos, q está envolvida em um “romance” com uma garota quase adolescente, sendo tudo exposto pela mesma sem nenhum constrangimento. Isso, sem contar a quantidade de jovens LGBT’s assumidos, em relacionamentos q são vistos e tratados pelas pessoas como “casamentos”. Para agravar ainda mais a situação, temos um crescimento assustador de casos de pedofilia com crianças cada vez mais pequenas, e dentro da própria família, (aqui nos arredores, quase todo dia tomamos conhecimento de pelo menos um caso). Gravidez na adolescência então, nem se fala…conheço poucas meninas q chegaram aos 15/16 anos sem pelo menos um filho, (normalmente “sem pai”). Aí eu me pergunto: se aqui, em um minúsculo distrito rural no interior do Paraná, as coisas já chegaram à esse ponto, como estarão nos grandes centros? Só mesmo Jesus, com seu grande amor e misericórdia, para proteger a nós e nossas famílias do q está por vir!!! 😨😱

    1. As coisas estão indo muito rápido Andria. Nos últimos 5 anos tudo vem mudando com uma velocidade brutal. Certas coisas seriam impensáveis há meros três ou quatro anos atrás. Temos que buscar o equilíbrio e termos maturidade em saber que esta é a realidade. Ao mesmo tempo não devemos nos conformar com este sistema. Qdo estamos focados nas coisas do Alto…aí é possível.

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