City of David

The true location of ancient Biblical Jerusalem is not the Old City but in the City of David right at the southern slope of the Temple Mount. People come to Jerusalém from all over the world to see and walk through the old city, but they are missing the true location by a few meters!

Although the City of David was rediscovered 150 years ago and became accessible after the Six Day War in 1967, the location wasn’t always safe to visit. There have been excavations since the early 90’s but the most significant findings have been in the last 10 years.

The Pool of Siloam, where Yeshua ordered a blind man to go to wash mud out of his eyes, lay undiscovered until 2004. Then a drainage repair crew, working on pipe maintenance south of the Old City of Jerusalém, (accompanied by archaeologists), found large stone steps that had led to an ancient pool dating from the first century BC.

The Pilgrim street is another significant finding. The Israel Antiquities Authority has been excavating intensively the street which led from Siloam pool up to the Temple Mount. That ancient road would have hostage thousands of pilgrims which arrived in Jerusalém from surrounding areas, to take part on the ceremonies on the Temple.

Other amazing discoveries were made for example the Hezekiah’s Tunnel (Siloam tunnel) was cut through solid rock at the beginning of the 8th century BC. One of the most ingenious engineering accomplishments of ancient times, it bears testimony to the crucial importance of a water supply to Jerusalem.

The tunnel was first found in 1865 by Charles Warren, an officer in the British Royal Engineers. He was one of the earliest European archaeologists of the Biblical Holy Land, and particularly of the Temple Mount.

In times of war and siege, the City of David was vulnerable, since it depended on water from the Spring of Gihon. This spring, which gushes forth intermittently from a natural cave in the Kidron Valley, was outside the city walls. King Hezekiah decided to bring water from the spring into the city. Following part of a natural fissure, two sets of teams began at opposite ends to cut a winding 533-meter tunnel on a double-S course — and they met in the middle.

Many other discoveries have been made including artifacts, coins and other structures. Just this first month of 2020 there was another discovery. The top of a rare 2000-year-old measuring table used for liquid items such as wine and olive oil, in what appears to be a major town square along the Pilgrimage Road in Jerusalem.

The resurgence of the City of David, the ancient city of Jerusalém is prophecy been fulfilled! It is from there that Yeshua will reign over a thousand years on this Earth as described in the Bible. For a thousand years ancient Jerusalém was forgotten but now there is a reawakening.

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  1. Shalom brother Guilherme! Que bom saber destas notícias arqueológicas sobre a verdadeira Jerusalem, a bíblica. Quando for a Israel incluirei no meu roteiro de visitações. Obrigada.

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