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The peace plan

We all know that the approach of “land for peace” to resolve the Israel and “Palestinians” conflict will never work. After decades of failed negotiations, President Trump learned the lesson. Clinton, Bush & Obama have tried that approach but now we are witnessing a new paradigm.

This peace plan was held back for almost three years. Trump’s team tried to present the plan before, but the Israeli political instability became a deterrent. Among other things, the plan called for the annexation of the Jordan Valley, the heart of Judea and Samaria (“West Bank”). The Valley is where the Jewish people first arrived in the land led by Joshua in the conquest campaign.

The Kingdom of Jordan opposes the deal. Jordanian congress already rejected buying gas from Israel. The Kingdom is distancing itself from Israel and King Abdullah desperately needs this to happen. He knows if he doesn’t distance himself from his neighbor he will be taken down. So, we have a fragile peace treaty with Jordan at this moment.

We have Jeremiah 49. That prophecy is not only about Iran. The prophecy also mentions desolation on the area correspondent to modern Jordan. It sounds like Isaiah 17 when telling us Damascus very well be destroyed. Jordan is part of the promised land made to Abraham by Hashem. It goes from the Nile River to the Euphrates. That is the promised land according to Genesis.

The prophecy says Jordan will be fearful of the events that will happen in the future. The kingdom of Jordan controls the Temple Mount. We all know about the third temple that will be standing during the time of the tribulation. Something is going to happen that Jordan will lose control of the Temple Mount.

The prophecy in Jeremiah 49 mentions the area “Elam” which is Iran today. It seems like the prophecy describes the destruction of Elam, the area exactly where the Iranian nuclear plants are seating. We can imagine a scenario of Iran been attacked and the former Persia mobilize its proxies surrounding Israel causing a major conflict in the region. Damascus may be very well be flattened during that conflict. Prophetically speaking, it seems like the next conflict to keep an eye on will involve Iran and Jordan.

Having said that, the Arab world so far has not react negatively or condemned the plan! Representatives of Omar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates came to the ceremony and were recognized by President Trump and Netanyahu and received a thunderous applause. Furthermore, some European politicians didn’t react well to Abbas’s comments “of saying a thousand no’s” to the plan.

Many are looking for the Gog and Magog war soon but that will happen only when Israel is off guard and living “without walls”. The first conflict to expect I believe relates to Jeremiah 49. This plan has unprecedented support of some Arab nations including Saudi Arabia.

The most difficult issue is, the question of what will happen to approximately 200,000 Jews that live in the areas that will be transferred to Palestinian control by the coming agreement. It is understood that the settlers living in lands that will become Palestine will be offered as reparations for their homes and businesses, enabling them to move to Israel . However, many of the “West Bank Jews” say they are not leaving their homes. They insist that Judea-Samaria is their Promise Land and they will not leave. The Israeli government is not willing to execute a forced evacuation of over 200,000 Jewish settlers. Some Arab leaders support the idea of those Jews refusing to leave and allow them to live as a Jewish minority in the new “Palestinian” state. The argument is that if 1.6 million Arabs live in Israel under the Israeli government, why couldn’t 170,000 Jews live under the new Palestinian regime?

The peace plan designed by Kushner and others appears to imply the same. That part of the plan reminds us of Yeshua’s warning:

Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; let him who is on the housetop not go down to get the things out that are in his house; and let him who is in the field not turn back to get his cloak. But woe to those who are with child and to those who nurse babes in those days! But pray that your flight may not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath;— Matthew 24: 16-20

Something about the Antichrist’s assertion of his authority over the Temple Mount will trigger great “Palestinian” anger toward the Jews living among them in Judea. The “Palestinians” will unleash merciless slaughter against the Judean Jews. It will be so sudden and so severe that Yeshua warned the Jews to immediately run for their lives. He said if they were on their housetops to not even comedown to get their clothes. He said, “For then will be great tribulation such as never has been before nor ever shall be.” Some of the Jews will escape, but many will die.

We now see some significant moves on the Promise Land’s political chessboard. Wee see a friendly relationship between Arabs and Israel while the Kingdom of Jordan moves into the opposite direction. If Trump’s plan fails completely the idea of the “two-state solution” will be over. The “settlements” will continue full force and Israel will continue to annex area after area.

The possibility of Israel annexing the entire “west bank” may trigger the Jeremiah 49 conflict with Iran in the near future. Obviously this is all speculation on my part but time is running out. Jewish families are growing and the areas available to form a “Palestinian state” are decreasing and soon will be impossible to form their state. Land available is running out. This is the major difference between this plan and all the previous ones.

Something biblical is going on!


  1. Vamos aguardar. Deixemos a poeira baixar. Só sei que esse arranjo dos homens não é a vontade de Deus, que deu toda a terra de Canaã para seu povo Israel. Todavia, Hashen está no controle! Maranata!

  2. Vai acontecer, isto é certo. Só ficamos imaginando como e qdo será. De acordo com a Palavra, o território de Israel abrange a Península do Sinai e neste caso a Arábia Saudita, é isso Guilherme? Shalom.

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