The prophetic gateway of the alliance Israel-UAE.

The ‘Palestinian authority” is having a tough time swallowing the process of normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The so called “President” Mahmoud Abbas, who until now openly encouraged Muslims from around the world to visit Jerusalem, may have his anti-Israel agenda exposed if he is not careful. He and his thugs always screamed “the Jews want to destroy Al-Aqsa!” or “defend the occupied Al-Aqsa!” or “The Jews defile it by their presence and threaten to destroy”!

The normalization of relations between United Arab Emirates and Israel, is making the terrorist Abbas to sweat. Kushner expressed a vision of “crowds of Muslims form the Gulf states praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque, with a message of tourism, openness, and tolerance.” Kushner believes that “these crowds will see for themselves that Al-Aqsa is not in danger” (as many “Palestinians” and Muslim clerics around the world have been falsely claiming for 50 years).

Abbas now has to decide how to deal with the Muslims from the UAE and the Gulf who will likely start visiting the Temple Mount. Are those Muslims friends or the “new crusaders”? really tough call for the corrupted “Palestinian authority” to make. People is watching what he and his thugs will be doing moving forward. Their agenda will be further exposed with the smallest mistake.

Unofficially, Israeli and American officials have discussed an initial target of 2 million Muslims visitors to Israel per year, the vast majority of whom, experts believe, will visit Al-Aqsa Mosque. “Religious peace,” they call it. In 2018, only 98,000 Muslim tourists visited Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, so the number cited would be nothing less than a human earthquake for the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is lining up behind Kushner’s vision, at least officially. The Israeli prime minister even talked about “special arrangements for Muslims who arrive from the UAE and the Gulf, so they can pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

In recent years, Israel has arranged visits to the Temple Mount for a number of Arab foreign ministers as a sort of test run for what might now take place. In March 2018, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita visited the Mount. Six months later, Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf Bin Alawi bin Abdullah arrived, and last year a private delegation from Kuwait visited the site after coordinating with the Prime Minister’s Office.

It’s still too early to assess how the Palestinians and the east Jerusalem public will feel about a wave of Muslim tourists, if there is one. So far Abbas has been successful in manipulating organized riots and the harrassing of Saudi bloggers, Sheikhs and other visitors off the Al Aqsa, including the Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Maher who was attacked back in 2003 and called “traitor and collaborator”.

Some sources say that if Emiratis invest on the “Palestinian” economy such as hiring Muslim guides, hotels etc. then the ‘Palestinians” will start supporting the deal. Now Abbas has a real dilemma on his hands because the UAE and Israel does not need his support in order to move forward with arrangements. The pressure will come from economics and religion devotion despite the opposition of some clerics, terrorist groups like Hammas and other jihadists.

Turkey is facing a similar dilemma. For some years now, President Erdogan has backed the campaign calling on Muslims from all over the world to visit Jerusalem in droves to support the Palestinians. What Turkey is going to do? That is why the normalization between the UAE and Israel is a game changer.

The Trump plan states that holy sites in Jerusalem must remain open and accessible to worshipers and tourists of all religions and that people of “every faith” must be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif in a way that honors their faith. That sounds as if members of all faiths, including Jews, will be able to pray quietly on the Temple Mount.

Israel’s joint declaration with the Emirates makes no mention of Jewish rights on the Mount, only Muslim ones. Some fear that will take Jewish rights on the Mount backwards. I don’t believe that. Kushner and his group is aware how delicate is the issue here. Trump and his genre are patiently building a Israeli-Sunni Arab bloc. They are trying to build a solid foundation based on economic and religion interests. Such alliance is a stabilizing force in the region because it is based on common interests, not other power’s rivalries or ideologies. Those interests will likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future.  Even if Trump loses in November, the bloc will survive and shield itself from the radical left’s influence over a potential Biden administration. If Trump wins, the bloc will expand its circles faster.

If Kushner and his team is successful in having Muslims from the Gulf visiting Al Aqsa, the Israeli-Sunni bloc will become increasingly more powerful to the point of establishing “harmony” between religions in the Temple Mount. The “Palestinian” issue will be neutralized and eventually resolved. But most importantly, that bring us to Bible prophecy. We may be witnessing the establishment of a gateway for Daniel 9:27 ! Something biblical must be going on….

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


  1. Temos que colocar em mente que se houver uma paz, ela tem que ser proclamada pelo líder das dez cabeças, ou seja o AntiMessias já liderando faria esse acordo.

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