The Biblical Feasts and the Christian faith

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I thought it would be very opportune to write about Biblical Festivals now that the sukkot season is over. Consider the following passage in the New Testament:

“All Scripture is G-d-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of G-d  may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Timothy 3:16-17

We believe the whole Scripture is directly inspired by G-d Himself. From Genesis to Revelation. Every believer would greatly benefit themselves if they could implement the inspired Word of the Most High in their lives as much as possible. This is the reason why we also search in the so called “Old Testament” to learn about Yeshua (Jesus). We enjoy learning who He was and how He walked His faith.

And yes. Yeshua was Jewish.

He came preaching a message of G-d’s kingdom been manifest through Him. In the first section of the Christian Bible, known as The Torah, we find a section where the Lord commands the Israelites, His followers, to participate in this anniversaries and events that celebrate different occasions throughout the year. Those events are the Biblical Festivals.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, G-d provided a written record of pictures of the Messiah to enable the Jewish people to recognize Him when He appeared. Yeshua (Jesus the Nazareth) proved to be the Messiah fulfilling in Himself the very Scriptures and pictures that pointed to the Messiah. Yet, even though many Jews believed that Jesus was the Messiah, the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem rejected Him for themselves and the nation of Israel. The establishment rejected Him. However, the Gentiles embraced Jesus. Those non-Jewish believers did not replace the Jewish people in G-d’s plan of redemption. Instead, they were in-grafted to the Jewish people and became part of the commonwealth of Israel, with Abraham as their spiritual father.

History shows that later the Church became “Gentilized”, making Jews and Christians go separate ways. The organized Christian religion was flooded with unbelievers who embraced the faith but never received Yeshua as their personal Lord and Savior. Those very same people brought their hatred of Jews with them into the “new Christian faith”. A theology was created and developed based on an anti-Semitic mentality. That led to a tragedy in Jewish-Christian relations in all aspects.

Today G-d is doing a wonderful thing. He is breaking down the walls of hatred and misunderstanding that have divided the Jews and Christians. The Lord is moving hearts of Christians to a holy love for the Jewish people and awakening them to the biblical Hebraic-Jewish roots of their Christian faith. The origin of the Christian faith is in Jerusalem, not Rome.

I heard the accusation that those who celebrate the Jewish roots of Christianity are “putting themselves under the law”.


When Christians celebrate Jesus in the Feasts, they are not “putting themselves under the Law” or trying to be Jews. They are simply expressing their desire to return to the biblical roots of the faith. The Holy Spirit is moving many to do that freely and without legalisms. One is free to celebrate the festivals of the Lord or not. It all depends on the heart and the maturity of the person. The accusation has no biblical basis.

It is sad to see those very same critics (who accuse us of being legalists in related to the Biblical Festivals) are the real legalists. Many are very intolerant and don’t see the Bible as one. They separate the (so-called) “Old Testament” and “The New Testament”. They believe the Lord breaks covenants and misinterpret the Scriptures based on a faulty, distorted, and out of context “Old and New covenants” theology. For that reason, they despise Israel and state that “the Church replaced Israel”. That is called replacement theology and is unbiblical. I won’t go further here as this is not an article to discuss theology, but it is an invitation to all Christians to celebrate the Biblical Feasts. The Festivals don’t belong to Israel but to the Lord and all believers.

The so-called “Old Testament” is a picture of the Mashiach Yeshua (Messiah Jesus). Many are discovering this wonderful truth and enjoying a powerful blessing in their lives. This is an invitation. Let’s celebrate the Biblical Feasts in Yeshua! Everyone is free to do so if they desire. We get to do this as a way of identifying with Jesus our Jewish Lord. It is a blessing, not a burden! It is an act of love and not legalism.

Celebrating the Biblical Festivals is a great way to better understand the Bible, rediscover the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, get a greater insight into G-ds prophetic seasons, understand the role of Israel, prophecy, and current events. A way to discover the biblical Church calendar, understand the Lord’s plan of redemption and for spiritual growth. My desire is that many will accept this invitation.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem !


  1. Bela mensagem. Quase nao se vêem mensagens ligando Cristo as festas judaicas. E é tanto verdade que Suas manifestações foram sempre concomitante com as festas. Deus o abençoe, Guilherme.

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