I grew up in Brazil in a Christian home. I come from an immediate and extended family involved with Christian ministries, philanthropy and social support for the vulnerable.

Despite growing up without contact with Judaism, I always kept the interest and love for Israel and the Jewish people. After investigating my family background and descendancy, I found out that I am descendent of Sephardic Jewish families named Pinheiro, Motta and coming down to Carvalho, my mom’s surname. Those families fled the inquisition in Portugal around 1510. My genealogical tree have the symbol of the start of David marked on each Sephardic Jew. Today, the government of Portugal recognizes all descendants from those families as Sephardic Jews. On my dad’s side, I have a little bit of heritage of Ashkenazi heritage (and I continue my research). A Jewish friend of mine told me once that I have a Jewish soul and suggested me to take a look at my family tree. He was right. I found why I always loved the Jewish people and tradition.

In Brazil, I graduated from college and obtained a master’s degree in Psychology. I settled down in the United States in 2001.

Currently, my full-time position as a mental health clinician is a task that I seek the Lord’s guidance. Talking to the crippled, broken and rejected isn’t simple. Their need is primarily spiritual. I pray that my office in that clinic is always a source of blessings from Hashem. The clinic where I counsel is located in the impoverished areas of North Philadelphia. The region is basically a violent, spiritually dark and depressing zone.

I learned how human suffering is ultimately the same across countries and cultures. These years providing therapy and counseling inspired me to publish a book in Brazil entitled “Recomeço – esperança para Cristãos vítimas de abuso emocional” (New beginning – hope for Christians victims of emotional abuse) addressing how believers can overcome unhealthy relationship dynamics.

My full name, Guilherme Sazonov, hasn’t been exactly affable to American ears, and I’m known as Gee. It may be hard to believe to some, but my name in English is William. Guillermo, in Italian or Spanish. I’ve been married for 16 years to Kathy, a native from New Jersey. We both are dog lovers. We love our Jewish background and we have a passion for our Jewish roots and Israel.

Standing with Zion is an on-line ministry looking for to accomplish the following goals:

  • To learn about the Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah of Israel and of the world
  • Defend and support Israel and the Jewish people.
  • To connect with the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  • To study the Biblical Scriptures and grow spiritually
  • Confront anti-semitism and replacement theology

Contact Gee –

Cell (856) 340-2376