Chris Knight


I am a native-born Texan, from Dallas, Texas.  Besides a few years in my childhood, I have lived in Dallas most of my life. Although I was saved in 1987 through an amazing set of events, I came to a deeper place in my walk with God in 2000 that transformed my relationship with Him, and still impacts my walk to this day.

I was born in a leap year to a struggling single mother from Oklahoma and an absentee father, during a time of uncertainty and civil unrest. The nation was in a state of grieving the assassination of John F. Kennedy. My mom, six months pregnant with me, watched JFK’s motorcade drive by, only to hear on the radio, by the time she got back to her desk, that the president of the United States had been shot. The Civil Rights Act would be signed as the Beatles invasion and the Rolling Stones were taking over America’s music scene, while young soldiers were dying in Vietnam. It was in this culture an environment I was born. 

Due to my family moving frequently, it developed in me a love for adventure as I had to learn how to adapt to new environments and explore each new place. It also made school difficult for me having to transition to a new school each year.  Even though my learning was difficult, I would find in my later years a passion for study and research.  I also enjoy directing media and camera work with my church; it feeds my passion for film and production. My other two joys are mentoring and teaching.  

I worked most of my first 15 years in the service and management industry, along with corporate training. Afterwards, I got into computer graphics where I worked AutoCAD and other graphics tools to develop training manuals, operation manuals and training videos.  In 2001 I went into full-time ministry until 2006; that is when I started a international tractor sales business and ran that for 8 years.  During this time is when I met Jim Barfield and formed a friendship that would lead to an adventure of a lifetime…The Copper Scroll Project.  

Since the start of the Copper Scroll Project, I have been working closely with Jim traveling to and from Israel to work on his research, meet key people in archeology, the Knesset and those close to the rebuilding the next temple.  The project’s mission is to retrieve the items listed on the Copper Scroll from the Tabernacle of Moses, the Ark of the Covenant, along with gold, silver, gems, vessels, and scrolls and return them to Israel. I carry the same passion and drive as Jim and support him as the Assistant Director for the Copper Scroll Project.